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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello~ Welcome to my Profile Page!
You can call me Neysun :3

I'm a hobby artist that tends to draw a variety of things, including:
- Manga
- Animals/Creatures
- Scenery

UPDATE: I've got a tablet! So now I'm a traditional artist as well as a learning digital artist.

I've been drawing in the style of manga for around 9-10 years. My subject of drawing varies, but I prefer to doodle designs of my OCs or mystical creatures!

On the rare occasion I also dabble in digital art, but since my tools in that area are limited I generally don't draw digitally...

I also like writing and reading, mostly fiction stories for both, ranging from sci-fi, mystery, action, fantasy, and sometimes paranormal. :D

Back to drawing - I like experimenting with new styles, so sometimes my art doesn't look very consistent. ^^;


Orihara Izaya Stamp by Reveriesian


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Yup yup yup.
Puppa dup dup dup.

Y'know Neysun is sleep deprived when things start losing sense.
Since, I finished a late assignment at 6:30 AM yesterday, and then slept at 2 AM today finishing up these facts, lol.
Hope I, eh, won't have to do that again. ^^; The assignment, I mean.
Y'guys can keep the oc tags comin', hehe.

Kudos to those that read these all through owo
I really appreciate that you guys are interested in knowing more about my characters, and It's always inspiring to read about yours. ^^

Shall we start?


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 random facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other creators.

4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.

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Neon - "Vampire of the Orange Moon"

Story: City of Adoption

Neon by Neysun


Arrow left  Neon is a 200+ y.o. frivolous vampire who bounces from town to town as he runs away from the ever-persistent bounty/vampire hunter, Shadey.

Arrow left Neon has been a wanted vampire for a long time. Very few have tried to capture him, and the ones that did couldn’t match his speed, strength, and power.

Arrow left Neon is feared because 1) he’s a vampire, 2) orange is considered a bad omen in the land and Neon is riddled with it. He actually uses this to his advantage, wearing more orange because he hoped people would leave him alone. It stopped working after Shadey showed up.

Arrow left Neon is a collector of things. He loves small and unique objects and stores a lot of things in his traveling bag. He either sells the items or uses them to trade or uses them as distractions.

Arrow left Neon dislikes extreme brightness and darkness. His favourite time of day is dusk, and he loves to see the moon out. His big title “Vampire of the Orange Moon” is more of a joke to scare people away, but in their world, orange/red moons don’t happen very often. And then they do appear, people go into hiding. This is when Neon has the most peace.

Arrow left Neon carries around a short magic sword. He’s had it for a long time and conjure orange flames over the blade which he can fling at his opponents.

Arrow left Neon’s a cursed vampire…. In that - He can’t drink blood, and there’s no risk of turning anyone into a vampire if he bites a person. So the only thing he can actually do is… bite. For him it’s quite frustrating because vampires are rare in the land. He gets a little lonely sometimes.

Arrow left Neon’s on a quest to find the one who cursed him and reverse the curse so he can be a normal vampire again.\

Tagged by :iconrurikuu-sen: to do -

Keltalyn Lornn

Story: Charred Life

Keltalyn WIP by Neysun


Arrow left  She’s a 12 y,o. combat-agent-in-training from the Mirror organization. She’s often teamed up with Auth Lewes and Arc, but tends to hang out with Yunako Adsoku from the Acor Clan in her spare time.

Arrow left She comes from an affluent family, the Lornns, that has some noble blood in them. Even on the field she dresses prettily. Compared to some of her relatives, she’s a decent kid who hasn’t seen much of the world yet.

Arrow left Her specialized weapon is a war fan, sliver in colour with a large pink flower design on it. Kinan personally trained her, mostly in defense, but she knows a few offensive moves.

Arrow left A gentle and proper child, she’s very mindful of those around her, which actually makes her more suitable for observation sorties, as she tends to catch on quicker to events that happen.

Arrow left She adores Kinan and is always happy to see him. She feels safest when the boss man is around because she thinks everything will be alright as long as he’s there. (Although after he single-handedly beats all his agents in an all-vs.-one mock battle, she starts to wonder if he’s really the safest…lol)

Arrow left True to her Lornn heritage, she loves to window shop at jewelry stores and collect rare stone jewelry. Her favourite store is the place Yunako’s older brother works at (she gets discounts there).

Arrow left Keltalyn Lornn’s common name is Kellie Lawn. (As part of the story, most of the characters have a traditional name that those within the clan, or from the other clans, call them, and a common name that other people, strangers, outsiders, know them by.)

Arrow left Her Cyllestian Energy colours are light pink and pale yellow.


Tagged by :iconbanksia-ghost: to do -


Story: Charred Life

Xehann Nanrot - Final Ver. by Neysun


Arrow left Was Roun’s best friend and sometimes babysitter. Older by five years, he was the one to drag Roun to combat and weapons training, correct his lazy habits, and offer quiet company to the reticent kid. 

Arrow left At birth, obtained a powerful shadow partner, which marked him to be next in line for being the head of his clan. This birthright created a lot of jealousy and animosity from other families in the clan.

Arrow left He loved to eat cherries. Or a fruit in their world that’s like a cherry.

Arrow left At fifteen, proficient in all sorts of weaponry and combat styles, able to beat boys older and stronger than himself. Also skilled in manipulating shadow substance (the goo from his arms : D). Shadow manipulation is the ability to control a cold black substance (shadow) that one can attack with, create solid objects from (like weapons), and also has a dimensional capability of storing objects in.

Arrow left Went away for a year to study in the city. When he came back, he brought the fashion with him – he dyed his hair blond and wore fashionable clothes. The disapproval of the older clan members didn’t stop the younger ones from imitating him.

Arrow left In spite of his strengths and position, Xehann felt very disconnected from his clan. The pressure from his family and expectations from the clan started to make him anxious and sensitive to mistakes. To deal with this, he often hung out with Roun, who didn’t give a damn about being the best (thus making him lazy). Roun was one of the only ones Xehann ever told his struggles to.

Arrow left Had a crush on Kiaut, and openly showed his fondness for her, even promising to marry her when they got older. When she arrived in the village where the clan resided, Xehann spent so much time with her Roun got jealous. Xehann eventually had to back off because Roun and would pick fights with Kiaut.

Arrow left He believed the war between the Acor and Nanrot was ridiculous and advocated for the clans to get along with each other. (This probably earned him more animosity from his own people.)

Not gonna tag too many people this time. I don't want to - mean to - intend to - annoy anyone/anything with this, eheh.


Arrow left :iconbobbyjoexforgottensb: We haven't done Oliver yet owo

Arrow left :iconakai--me: Youta ;p

Arrow left :iconbanksia-ghost: Uh, um, Kiai?

Arrow left If your favourite number is 5, I tag you too. >:D

Arrow left But if you wanna be tagged, lemme know and I will send out a character search team. Meow :3 

Have fun~


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