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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello~ Welcome to my Profile Page!
You can call me Neysun :3

I'm a hobby artist that tends to draw a variety of things, including:
- Manga
- Animals/Creatures
- Scenery

UPDATE: I've got a tablet! So now I'm a traditional artist as well as a learning digital artist.

I've been drawing in the style of manga for around 9-10 years. My subject of drawing varies, but I prefer to doodle designs of my OCs or mystical creatures!

On the rare occasion I also dabble in digital art, but since my tools in that area are limited I generally don't draw digitally...

I also like writing and reading, mostly fiction stories for both, ranging from sci-fi, mystery, action, fantasy, and sometimes paranormal. :D

Back to drawing - I like experimenting with new styles, so sometimes my art doesn't look very consistent. ^^;


Orihara Izaya Stamp by Reveriesian


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Prepare for some madness >w<

Choose 10 of your favourite characters/OCs/Friends/Celebrites/other.

1. Roun (Charred Life):  [OC] Roun - Chibi no. 2 by Neysun

2. Ira (INDENT)  Rigid Scowl by Neysun

3. Kinan (Charred Life): KinanReference2 by Neysun

4. Jasper (INDENT) - Image N/A

5. Quissis (Charred Life): [OC] Quissis by Neysun

6. Nanik (Charred Life): Three - Nanik by Neysun

7. Dave (Charred Life) Dave2 by Neysun

8. Nakaja (Charred Life)Four - Nakaja by Neysun

9. Sigh (City of Adoption) Sigh and The Marshmallow by Neysun

10. Shadey (City of Adoption):Shadey by Neysun

Note: Some of the character responses are cumulative. Be sure to read them in order. ^w^


1: [4] finds a time machine! What time period do they visit?!

[4] Jasper: Yes – OH YES. Time to uncover the origin of monsters – and I’ll wipe them out single-handedly and become a history figure!

- Jasper would probably go into the future instead of the past tho. He’s more excited about what new gear and equipment will be developed instead of saving the world, haha.

2: [2] falls in love with [9], but knows that [9] is dating [6]. What happens?

[2] Ira: The day I fall in love with a kemonomimi… I’ve really gone wrong in the head.

[9] Sigh: …Quiet boy is cuddly.

[6] Nanik: Y-you’re kidding. I’m not this kind of person – I swear – I’m underage – mom help –

[2] Ira: That’s the way it is, HUH? You don’t deserve a girlfriend with that sissy attitude.

[6] Nanik: Someone help??

- Ira would totally diss Nanik and try to show his manliness to Sigh by… threatening Nanik?

3:[1] wakes up in [3]'s house with no memory of how they got there.

[1] Roun: …

[3] Kinan: …

[1] Roun: Great Cret. This is your fault, isn’t it?

[3] Kinan: Why am I always the one at fault?

[1] Roun: Because you’re faulty.

[3] Kinan: And I’ve saved your life how many times now?

[1] Roun: You’re the one who puts us in danger in the first place.

[3] Kinan: How do you know I didn’t save you from something this time?

[1] Roun: Because you’re smiling.

4: [7] receives a love note from [5]. What does it say? How does [7] react?

[7] [Narrative Mode Activated]

            Dave found the envelope in the mailbox one morning. There wasn’t any indicator of whom it was from or where it was from, just what looked like a poorly done red heart scribbled on the front. When he drew his thumb across it, he felt a rough crusty edge to it. Weird. Poorly done ink?

            “Prank mail?” Dave muttered to himself, amused. He opened the letter out of curiosity.

            A single paper was stuck inside.

            [Midnight. Today. Your soul is so beautiful I’m going to take it away – Executioner]

            The note fell from his hand.


            Dave stumbled back into the wall and dropped to the floor. Blood drained from his face. His vision blurred and he could only hear the pounding of his heart in his ears. He had the notion that he wasn’t breathing right.

            “What… what the cret?” he heard a shaky raspy voice. Was it himself speaking? He struggled to speak, for he struggled to think. “The Executioner… the executioner… he’s…he’s coming?”

            Damn it. The Executioner was coming.

- Quissis is basically a death sentence in his very person. I hadn’t considered Dave having any interaction with him in the story but ey, he’s got the most bizarre one now!

5: [10] and [6] get married! (based off Question 2)

[6] Nanik: I beg your pardon?

[10] Shadey: It’s okay, human child. I know it hurts. It always hurts when someone leaves you. But cats are the worst companions to have. Dogs are better y’know?

[6] Nanik: That doesn’t reassure me one bit!

[10] Shadey: Hey, lemme give you some doggy love. Unlike some tsundere kitties, I know how to be genuinely affectionate.

[6] Nanik: I shall kindly refuse – someone help me!

- Someone must’ve set this up <_<

6: [2] and [5] are stuck on a deserted island. Who survives longest?

[2] Ira: Dangit, there’s no food here. We’re gonna die.

[5] Quissis: Yes, you are.

[Quissis activates Cyllestian Energy. He flies into the air. He blows up the island. He then teleports back to wherever he was.]

[5] Quissis: How can you call it surviving when you didn’t even have a chance…

- Yes, Quissis is just...hopeless.

7: [9] beats up [3]. Why?

[9] Sigh: He ate The Marshmallow.

- LOL. Rip Kinan. Hahaha. (Sorry, I can't help poking fun at him ^^; )

8: [8] murders [4] and [10] takes the blame.

[10] Shadey: Because you’re a relative of Nanik. I shall protect your family.  (based on Question 5)

[8] Nakaja: Still doing that charade? You’re going to regret getting involved with us…

[4] (Jasper - dead): Like me. I just wanted to see that shiny gadget – guh!

9: ZOMBIES! How does [7] react?

[7] Dave: WHAT. Why can’t I just live in peace?? First the Executioner – now THIS??
At least I have a standing chance against zombies… Time to put my gaming skills to use.

10: [2] traps [1] in a hole.

[1] Roun: …

[2] Ira: …

[1] Roun: Your point?

[2] Ira: I’m a better MC than you are.

11: [6] is captured by [3]. How does [10] react? (based on Question 5)

[6] Nanik: Aren’t we family? I don’t see much point in…

[3] Kinan: Wait for it.

[10] Shadey: YOU. Give me back my husband, you jerk! (after-effects of Question 5)

[3] Kinan: Haha, make me.

[6] Nanik: Boss, please, just complete the divorce papers.

12: [7] and [9] go on a holiday. Where?

[7] Dave: Home. Best place.

[9] Sigh: Fluffyland.

[7] Dave: Home.

[9] Sigh: Fluffyland is home. Fluffyland is dream.

[7] Dave: Dreamland? Now that’s an offer I can’t pass up. Your house or mine?

13: [5], [1] and [3] are cursed. What happens to them?

- They have become the main characters. That is a curse in itself. O-o


[1] Roun: Kinan, this is your fault.

[5] Kinan: I’m in this too! Why are you blaming me?

[3] Quissis: Your fault.

14: [2] and [4] visit a haunted house.

[2] Ira: I wanna go home…

[4] Jasper: Scared already?

[2] Ira: This is nothing compared to hunting monsters.

- In their story, Ira and Jasper work together in hunting monsters.

15: [9] is genderswapped. Describe [8]'s reaction.

[Sigh turns into a boy…??]

[8] Nakaja: QAQ H-he’s cute. No – I can’t. I’m a faithful dog lover – but he’s so cute!

[9] Sigh: …Noisy girl not cuddly.

16:  [2] throws a surprise party for [6].

[6] Nanik: Thanks?

[2] Ira: Just compensating you for the mental damage the wedding caused.

[6] Nanik: You’re actually a nice guy, aren’t you?

[2] Ira: Ew, no. Just take the party as an apology for taking your girlfriend away from you, okay?

17: THE END! Tag someone or describe what [5]'s reaction to this entire meme is.

[5] Quissis: Pointless. Waste of my time.

Ney: H-hey, don’t be such a spoil sport, it was fun wasn’t it?

Credit to BobbyJoeXForgottenSB for ‘arranging’ the list of characters for me.
It turned out to be quite hilarious.
What I found most amusing was having characters from 3 stories and totally different universes interact.

- :iconbobbyjoexforgottensb: As thanks for helping me out XP

Not sure who to tag but if you want to try this out, feel free to do so~ ^^




This is my OC Shira, whom StraTozph3re encouraged me to draw again - she has a character named Shira too. XD
Shira Hashyue is from the my story Charred Life. She is from the Acor Clan, and lives in the forest with her older sister and mother.

When she was younger she got caught up in the war going on between their clan and the Nanrot clan.
An explosion blinded her left eye. The mask she wears covers up the scars.

A friend commented on how the leaves look like lips lol. I guess they'll be called Lip Leaves from now on....? X333



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